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Our Services

We pride ourselves on being local and providing 5-star service to our owners and our guests.​

Listing Management

How it works

To ensure your property is receiving the most possible traffic, we will list your property on all of the appropriate travel sites.

Where we list

We list on all major platforms such as Airbnb, VRBO, etc. Your property will also receive complimentary price optimization to maximize returns.

direct bookings via our site

We list your property on our website so you are able to take direct bookings which in return your guest won’t have to pay high fees from popular platforms which puts more money in your pocket.

Cleaning Coordination

How it Works

We provide you access to our 5-star professional cleaning crew to ensure your property is properly cleaned and sanitized after each reservation.

Who We Use

We personally vet every single cleaner and inspect their work so you can be rest assured your property is in good hands. We have a number of high quality cleaning crews that we use to ensure your property is properly clean after each and every stay.

Do we train?

Yes! We personally show each cleaning crew where everything is located and make sure they have all the necessary supplies as well as keeping track of a calendar for each new guest.

Content Marketing

How it works

We believe in providing professional imagery for each of our Pure Life properties. Showing your vacation rental in the best possible light is key. We think its the most important part of listing your property.

Who we use

We have local photographers that take photographs of all inside and exterior areas of the property. We ensure they get all the right angles and imagery. We also do drone photography as well so you get that amazing aerial view!


Free for you! This cost is built into our fee and includes exterior, interior, and drone photography you don’t have to worry about any additional cost.

Maintenance Scheduling

How it works

Your property will need maintenance at times and it can be tricky to schedule things just right in-between guests and make sure everything is handled property. We handle everything from maintenance requests, out-sourced lawn care, etc.

General Maintance

We offer light maintenance of the property for especially if a guest is having a problem during their stay. We also coordinate and schedule for AC repair, leaks, and anything else that might arise.

Lawn Care

We handle lawn care with great companies and make sure the home is property cared for and looking top notch! We will schedule lawn care biweekly or monthly depending on the property and coordinate between guests to make sure there are no distractions during their stay. (All lawn care companies are outsourced and not part of our company)

Strategic Pricing

how it works

We supply our property owners with all reports for each month to track how their property is preforming, all expenses, and changes that we can improve upon, and a full breakdown of all income.

owner reports

Accounting management with monthly & quarterly owner reports to ensure the property is maximizing profits.

24/7 communication

how it works

From check-in to check-out we have you covered. Our comprehensive 24/7 guest services include handling all guest communications and booking reservations.

guest inquiries

Inquiries come at all hours of the day. We make sure that your guests will be taken care of no matter the time. We will handle phone calls to set up repairs if it is a serious issue as well.

messaging and reservations

We make sure to vet each guest to ensure your property is taken care of like its one of our own. Requiring minimum ages, asking what the guests plan to do during their stay, and signing rental agreements with each stay.

Satisfied Customers

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